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Back in 2009, Hello Newman founding member Derek Johnson had a vision to create a band that played the music he grew up listening to on WCYY and MTV.

One Craigslist ad later, coupled with a fortuitous alignment of the planets, saw four visionaries get together for a rehearsal and the wondrous juggernaut of 90s alternative rock, 'Hello Newman' was born.

After their first ever audition to a sizeable audience, the band landed a weekly gig at Bull Feeney's, Portland. This launched a residency at the bar that still lasts to this day. Since then, Hello Newman has gone from strength to strength playing gigs, weddings and parties from Maine to Rhode Island, and everywhere in between.

Hello Newman's approach to music has always been to emulate the original recording as accurately as possible. This conscientious approach and attention to detail has won them a multitude of fans over the years.

Most importantly though, is the band's commitment to ensuring that everybody attending a show has a great time. And that means lots of dancing. The set list has been honed to include all the songs you didn't realize you needed in your life... until now.

Hello Newman are:

Jim Roberts (Guitar/Vocals)
Derek Johnson (Guitar/Vocals)
Jonah Bruce (Bass/Sax/Vocals)
Andre Mercier (Drums/Vocals)
Clayton Colburn (Keys/Trumpet/Violin/Percussion/Vocals)
Harold James Mason (Trombone/Percussion)

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